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Vericooler Plus

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Packaging

Tailored for the Food Delivery, Specialty Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare Sectors.

Our insulation materials are fully compliant with ASTM D6400, EN13424, and home composting standards, offering a variety of effortless disposal solutions including composting, dissolving, and recycling options.

Select Your Preferred Material: Choose from Compostable, Poly, or Kraft Paper options to suit your needs.

Product Details

Product Details


  • 12x12x12 Vericooler A/B Set 1.0"
  • 12x12x12 Vericooler A/B Set 1.5"
  • 12x9x9 Vericooler A/B Set 1.5"
  • 13x13x13 Vericooler A/B Set 1.0"
  • 14x14x14 Vericooler A/B Set 1.5"
  • 15x15x12 Vericooler A/B Set 1.0"
  • 15x15x15 Vericooler A/B Set 1.5"
  • 16x11x9 Vericooler A/B Set 1.0"

  • Material: Poly Film
  • Sets per Bundle: 120 sets

Priced per case

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