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StarBox - Packaging Tools

  • Freight Estimates

    Shipgooder - This shipping Rate Engine will allow you to easily compare shipping quotes from multiple carriers.

    UPS Freight - This calculator allows you to generate shipping estimates for UPS services.

  • Container Dimensions

    Matson - This calculator allows you to easily measure large container dimensions

  • Poly/Plastics

    Pitt Plastics - This calculator has many tools including case weight, liner size and mils to microns

    Capital Poly - This calculator gives a guideline for sizing a bag to be used as a box liner

  • Styrofoam 6 piece Box Liner Calculator

    DVG Packaging - This is a calculator for knockdown panel conversion

  • Volume Calculator (Container and Trucks)

    Sea Rates - This is a load calculator for your container or truck

    Ocean Freight - This is a sea container capacity calculator

    On Pallet  - Pallet Load Calculator