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Can you personalize your foam shippers with company information or logos?

Yes, we can offer personalization, including color-printed logos or designs. Please contact a customer service rep directly for more information at

Do you make custom sizes of your foam shippers?

Yes, we can make custom sizes. Please contact a customer service rep for more information at

What is the impact and how serious is it?

Expanded polystyrene foam (eps) packaging is a sensible choice for protecting your product because of its performance and environmental advantages. EPS foam uses fewer resources and less energy than alternative packaging. Efficient, lightweight and durable, EPS reduces both package size and fuel consumption during transportation. EPS is a valuable resource that can be re-manufactured back into recycled content foam packaging or made into an amazing array of durable polystyrene products – from office supplies to videocassette cartridges. No ozone-depleting CFCS have been used to manufacture EPS foam packaging.

Can I recycle my styrofoam coolers?

You can recycle EPS packaging through a network of manufacturers, re-processors and retailers across the country. The alliance of foam packaging recyclers is an organization solely dedicated to the collection (dropoff), reprocessing and reuse of clean, industrial (non food service) post-consumer EPS foam. To locate the nearest EPS foam packaging collection site, call the recycling hotline at 1-800-944-8448 or visit AFPRS web site at


Can I get my logo printed on my corrugated boxes?

We can print logos and product information directly on the carton, please contact our Sales Department for more information at

Do I need artwork to have my cartons printed?

Artwork is preferred, but we have a team of artists that can help you create your own custom artwork. Please contact our Sales Department for more information at

What is tooling?

Tooling commonly is understood to be cutting dies or printing plates required to customize a corrugated container, display or die cut for an end user. What is tooling?

Is tooling required for shipping containers?

Standard RSC corrugated containers do not require tooling.

Can I get ventholes/handholes on my box?

Yes. We have stock tooling for standard size vent/hand holes. Some sizes or styles may require a full cutting die at a one-time cost to you.

Can my printing dies be used on multiple sizes?

To ensure quality, we prefer a separate set of plates for each box size, especially if the printing varies. We will optimize their use wherever it's possible.

Can I change my corrugated packaging to gain greater stacking strength?

Redesigning and reevaluating the customers needs is a priority for us. Changes from the current carton design may improve performance. The use of high performance packaging will result in increased stacking strength and potentially lower costs.

Can corrugated boxes be recycled?

Yes, corrugated fiberboard is more likely to be recycled than any other paper product. Please check out for more information.

What is ECT?

ECT, or Edge Crush Test, is a measurement performed to predict the vertical strength of corrugated board. The test determines the resistance to compression of the flutes in pounds per square inch.

What is a BMC?

A BMC is a box manufactures certificate. You will usually find it on a bottom flap of the box. The BMC states the name and location of the manufacturer, the minimum material specification being certified, and the gross weight and size limits.


Is Gel Ice toxic?

No, gel ice is non-toxic, but it is not meant for human or pet consumption.

What would happen if the gel was ingested?

Gel is non-toxic, however we do not recommend using it in a manner that it could be ingested by humans or pets.

What is the freezing temperature for gel ice?

32 degrees Fahrenheit

How long does Gel Ice stay frozen?

We don't provide an exact time frame the gel ice can stay frozen because there are too many variables to determine an exact length of time, such as weather, the amount of time it's used for storage or during transit, etc.

Do I need a Gel Pack when I'm sending an item?

It depends on the item you want to ship. If the item needs to stay chilled or frozen, you will need to incorporate gel ice in your packaging. Contact a customer service rep to help you determine if you need gel ice at or 562-427-8889.

How much Gel Ice would I need?

That would depend on what is being shipped, how much of the item is being shipped, and where the item is coming from and going to. We cannot guarantee that the amount of gel ice used will be sufficient because of the many variables that may affect temperature. Contact a customer service rep to help you determine how much gel ice you may need at or 562-427-8889.

Can Gel Ice be reused?

Yes, gel ice mat be reused as long as the pack is not punctured or damaged in any way.

Can Gel Ice be disposed of?

Yes, they are environmentally friendly and can be thrown in the trash.