Collection: Corrugated Boxes

StarBox, Inc. offers an expansive array of stock corrugated boxes. Our boxes are in stock and ready to go... right now. If your product's unique size or shape requires a custom configuration, we will create the box that specifically suits your needs. And, we'll do it with a level of precision, accuracy and speed that will leave you nothing short of impressed.
16 products
  • 16x11x9 RSC
  • 12x8x8 RSC
  • 10# Fillet RSC
  • 12x12x12 RSC
  • 14x10x10 RSC
  • 15x15x12 RSC
  • 30x20x16 RSC
  • 30# Fillet RSC
  • 30# Langosta RSC
  • 8x7x6 RSC
  • Cake Box RSC
  • Large Lobster Box RSC
  • Small Lobster RSC
  • Large Lid Master RSC
  • 101 RSC (Small Lid)
  • 27055 MASTER RSC