StarBox - About Us

Company History

Today's StarBox is the result of three generations of leadership from the Weiner family. The company's earliest involvement with seafood processors began in 1955. Morris Weiner supplied much of the packaging used by Star-Kist foods, Pan Pacific Fisheries, Chicken of the Sea, Los Angeles Smoking & Curing Co. and Whitney Fidalgo Seafoods.

Robert Weiner Sr. took the reins in 1974 and for the next 20 years he maintained the business started by his father. By 1995 it was obvious that the nature of seafood processing in the USA had changed forever. The tuna canneries had relocated offshore. LASCCO and Whitney Fidalgo Seafoods had been sold and their facilities were closed. In the face of these adverse conditions Star-Box expanded its capabilities with the acquisition of a warehouse in Signal Hill, California to service fresh fish producers in the San Pedro/Wilmington area. This location was chosen because it also provided an excellent staging area for shipping to overseas customers.

StarBox Core Values
  • On Time / On Demand deliveries.
  • Solving customer problems by listening to their concerns.
  • Treating all vendors & customers with respect.
  • Build long standing relationships.
  • Highest quality products on the market.
Our Facility

StarBox is headquartered in a 25,000 square foot warehouse located in Signal Hill, California. Surrounding the warehouse is an additional 40,000 square feet of storage and staging area for the efficient loading of trucks and overseas containers.

There is a fleet of trucks dedicated to serving local customers as well as contracts with long haul shippers to service out of the area companies. Its modern offices house state of the art systems for processing orders and coordinating deliveries. Star-box employs and utilizes staff that are just as involved and dedicated as its owners. It's the key reason why Star-Box continues to be successful after 55 years of operations.

Our Partners

StarBox is a proud partner of the following associations. Our shared vision of sustainability and a cleaner, healthier planet has continued to drive our motivation as a business and leader within our industry.